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Studentisch durchgeführte klinische Forschung in Deutschland und Europa fördern: Das CHIR-Net SIGMA Netzwerk

M.Friedrich1, P.Frey2, L.Rädeker2, C.Fink2, A.Leuck2, J.Neudecker3, A. L.Mihaljevic2
1, Heidelberg
2Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg, Heidelberg
3Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Berlin


Evidence should define and guide modern clinical care, yet many relevant questions in surgical practice remain unconfirmed by substantial data. Evidence-based medicine (EbM) requires both the implementation of its principles in day-to-day work as well as the acquisition of new evidence, preferably by randomized-controlled trials and systematic reviews. Meaningful clinical research however is challenging to conduct and its overall infrastructure in Germany was – until recently – considered poor as compared to other leading countries. While this has been significantly improved following the establishment of the Studienzentrum der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Chirurgie (SDGC) and the Surgical clinical trial network CHIR-Net, limited focus has been put on training, teaching and recruitment of medical students to become competent clinical researchers and clinician scientists. 

Material und Methoden

To address these challenges, the CHIR-Net has established a student-initiated and –led clinical trial network (SIMGA; student-initiated German Medical Audit) in 2017. Inspired by similar initiatives from the United Kingdom, this network enables students to participate in academic research projects and serves as exchange platform between students and research-experienced physicians. As part of the SIGMA network, students contribute to national multi-center trials while improving clinical and research skills and gaining an insight into clinical academia. 


To ensure continuing comprehensive clinical research in surgery, the CHIR-Net aims to establish a student-driven multicenter research network in Germany, which is embedded in both the national CHIR-Net as well as pan-European and international frameworks. 

Given the above mentioned challenges, CHIR-Net SIGMA has the following objectives:


SIGMA (Student-Initiated German Medical Audits) is a product of strong collaboration between clinical scientists and medical trainees, enabling students to contribute to high-quality clinical trials. Additionally, participants are offered extensive training to support the next generation of research-active clinicians. Starting in 2018, SIGMA will perform its first multicenter observational study in Germany and be part of a multi-national trial run in 13 European countries, Australia and New Zealand.  

CHIR-Net SIGMA organigram